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City of Platteville
Platteville is a friendly community nestled among unglaciated ("driftless") rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin. With a population of a little over 11,000, it is the largest city in this corner of the state. The four-lane Highway 151 between Madison and Dubuque provides easy access.  Platteville is conveniently located near Dubuque, Iowa and Galena, Illinois. Madison, Wisconsin is within one hour of Platteville.  This is the link to the City's website.  The Platteville Municipal Auditorium is located in Platteville's City Hall at 75 North Bonson Street.


Lifeline AV Technologies
Want to be seen?  Want your voice heard? Whether your venue is large or small, Lifeline of Platteville, Wisconsin can provide the lighting and amplification you require.  The Friends of Platteville Municipal Auditorium would like to thank them for their expertise and generosity in providing the auditorium with systems that can grow with our future.


State Theatres LLC
Whether you are located in Platteville, Lancaster, Dodgeville, or Boscobel, State Theatres give you the best show in town. They offer the latest hit films at bargain prices, hot fresh popcorn and ice cold sodas. State Theatres LLC provided the refurbished seating in the Municipal Auditorium, transported it, and paid for the installation.  The Friends of Platteville Municipal Auditorium would like to thank them for their generosity.


Driftless Film Festival
The Driftless Film Festival is a regional film festival featuring independent films from around the world. Not only does the festival bring unique cinema to southwestern Wisconsin, but it encourages people to discover its many historic theatres. Some of the venues have undergone extensive restorations, making them showplaces. Others are in the beginning stages of restoration. All of them are valuable assets for their communities. Screenings will be held in different venues, so you can travel the beautiful countryside to catch a show.


Take 2 Restaurant
A restaurant with a wide variety of entrées featuring fresh locally-grown salad bar and regional beverages, this wonderful eatery is located on the corner of Business Highway 151 and Millennium Drive next to Millennium Cinema.  Take 2 is the perfect place for a meal, whether it is lunch or dinner.  Breakfast is also served 7am - 11am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Meeting rooms are available for groups.  Keep an eye out for specials with proceeds earmarked for non-profit organizations, including the Friends of Platteville Municipal Auditorium.


Morrissey Printing
Fast and professional, Morrissey Printing is a commercial printer in Platteville producing business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures, signs, posters, programs, playbills and more.  Located at 75 West Main Street for central access, Morrissey Printing can take care of your printing needs,   Please to contact them, or call 608-348-6635.  The Friends of Platteville Municipal Auditorium depend on their excellent service.


Cheryl's Costume Closet
Cheryl's Costume Closet is an adult-sized costume rental shop in Platteville, Wisconsin. Specializing in hand-made and custom costumes, you're sure to find something unique for your next costume event.  Expanded hours are offered in October for your convenience. Cheryl's Costume Closet is the costumier of choice for the Platteville Community Theatre at the Municipal Auditorium.


Southwest Academy of Ballet Arts
The Academy brings classical training in ballet as well as other dance disciplines to the people of southwestern Wisconsin. Two studio locations offer a full range of classes for both students interested in a career in dance and for those who are looking for enjoyable exercise. Class sizes are kept small to allow the greatest individual attention and growth. Through positive reinforcement (with a healthy dose of humor) students gain confidence and artistic skill. SABA provides foam-supported wood flooring at each studio location to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent injuries.


Mineral Point Opera House
Since 1915 the Mineral Point Opera House has offered the community an outstanding venue for a diverse program of musical, dance and theatrical presentations. They are proud to be the home of the Shake Rag Players and the Mineral Point Film Society.  Thanks to generous donors, the theater now boasts updated heating and air conditioning, a sprinkler system, historically accurate seating, glorious plasterwork and decorative arts painting. The Opera House in picturesque Mineral Point is well worth your time.


Grand Opera House - Dubuque
Between 1839 and 1890 the Grand Opera House of Dubuque hosted more "big" shows than any other venue in a city of comparable size in the United States. Famous show business names appearing at the Grand include Al Jolson, George M. Cohan, Ethel Barrymore, Lillian Russell, Sarah Bernhardt and a young Henry Fonda. Dubuque's favorite venue is newly restored and still providing great entertainment. Check the latest!


University of Wisconsin - Platteville
The University of Wisconsin at Platteville is a focal point for arts in southwestern Wisconsin.  Students develop their aptitude for self-expression, presenting art, music, speech, and theatre to an appreciative community.  In addition, the Center for the Arts (CFA) on the university campus presents outstanding professional touring events ranging from comedians, award-winning music and dance, to Broadway shows to the Tri-State area.


Platteville Chamber of Commerce
The Platteville Chamber of Commerce works hard to ensure every visitor has the best experience possible when choosing to stop in Platteville. Visit their helpful website for assistance on places to visit and stay.  In addition to helping visitors find their way, the Chamber provides valuable assistance to area businesses.  If you are new to the area, don't forget to check out their resources.  If you run into snags, give them a call!  Their number is 608-348-8888.


Save the Platteville Municipal Auditorium
Dedicated to the preservation of the Platteville Municipal Auditorium, this Facebook page reminds the residents of Platteville of the need to preserve this valuable historical city resource for its citizens.  Additionally, it serves as a community bulletin board for past and present events. 


Coming Attractions!  Watch this space!

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